Battery swapping is the solution when agriculture machines goes electric (Nyteknik)

Swedish tech media Nyteknik has published an article about Powerswap’s battery swap project for agriculture machines with RISE. Read the full article. Out in the woods and on the field there are no charging poles. When agriculture machines become electrified, a battery swapping is the solution. Powerswap’s battery swap system creates a sustainable solution for […]

Powerswap and RISE receives grant from Vinnova

Powerswap has received a grant from Vinnova to develop battery swap technology for agricultural machines together with RISE. Battery swapping within the agricultural sector has large potential due to severe issues related to charging of agricultural machines. As the use of agricultural machines often is seasonal, the machines must be used in long shifts to […]

Powerswap in Framtidbolagens Podcast

Listen to Sten Corfitsen, CEO of Powerswap, discuss the future of emobility with Hampus Rebjö on Framtidsbolagen podcast. Listen on spotify, itunes or acast!

Press Release: New method for charging electric cars

Ny metod för att ladda elbilar byggs på svenska bensinstationer Ett nytt konsortium är under bildande för att skapa en hållbar laddinfrastruktur baserat på automatiskt batteribyte för elbilar. Bytesautomater som byter elbilsbatterier på bara tre minuter ska installeras på drygt 1 000 av Sveriges 2 700 bensinstationer på två år. Den första pilotanläggningen öppnas i […]

Power Swap reveals new video

Power Swap reveals a new implementation video of its battery swap system. Power Swap is a fully automatic battery swap system for electric vehicles, which enables rapid “refueling” of electric vehicle in under 3 minutes – providing uninterrupted e-mobility. With Power Swap, the remaining obstacles with electric vehicles are eliminated, leveraging the market potential beyond […]

China supports battery swapping

In June, 2020, the Chinese minister of MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) Mr. Wei Miao said, during the Annual National Congress, that the government supports battery swapping. Will EU be next to follow in these steps?

Power Swap strengthens its IP protection

Power Swap has recently gotten approval for its third patent series covering its battery swap system in Japan, China and USA. They will be in force until 2034. A fourth patent series was filed in October mainly securing the modular battery packs. Power Swap has an extensive IP protection strategy and will continue to file […]

Power Swap receives Seal of Excellence from EU Commission

Power Swap has received a Seal of Excellence from the European Commission following an evaluation by an international panel of independent experts. Power Swap was scored as a high-quality project in a highly competitive evaluation process.