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Powerswap and RISE receives grant from Vinnova

Powerswap has received a grant from Vinnova to develop battery swap technology for agricultural machines together with RISE.

Battery swapping within the agricultural sector has large potential due to severe issues related to charging of agricultural machines. As the use of agricultural machines often is seasonal, the machines must be used in long shifts to ensure productivity. Therefore, there is no time for charging and battery swapping provides an efficient and green solution for agricultural machines – without the need for large and heavy batteries.

Powerswap’s battery swap system creates a sustainable solution for agriculture machines as discharged batteries can be replaced with fully charged ones in 3 minutes. This enables the machines to carry smaller batteries which reduces cost and weight, without having to set aside time for charging. Further, as the industry is highly dependent on the season, batteries can be rented during high peak seasons which reduces operating costs.

For more information contact Powerswap at [email protected].

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