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Power Swap Business

“Power Swap introduces a technological revolution with great impact on a gigantic market …”

The market

The automobile industry is the biggest industry in the world and it is growing. There are about 1,3 billion cars in the world today and this number is expected to be doubled within 10 years. At the same time, OEMs are investing heavily in electric cars but consumers are reluctant to make the switch due to the significant downsides related to electric drive. A radical and sustainable solution is needed to meet the increased demand for a climate neutral transport infrastructure.


Our revolutionary system enables the establishment of a cost efficient infrastructure at existing fuel stations and parking lots, without the need to install millions of charging poles. A battery swap network can begin with as little as 50 – 100 swap stations with the capacity to serve 20-40.000 electric vehicles – an attractive opportunity for any car manufacturer.

The infrastructure will expand in a similar way as for mobile phones in the 80s, starting in the bigger cities and then expanding. 


Power Swap’s business model is based on sales of battery swap equipment and licensing agreements with OEMs and battery makers. Power Swap introduces a paradigm shift on the electric mobility market, paving the way for new business models for all stakeholders in the value chain – such as OEMs,  fleet operators, power companies, fuel retailers, oil companies and battery manufacturers.


Power Swap is supported by the Swedish Energy Agency and the European Commission. Power Swap’s technology is protected by an extensive IP strategy involving four international patent series.