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Power Swap reveals new video

Power Swap reveals a new implementation video of its battery swap system.

Power Swap is a fully automatic battery swap system for electric vehicles, which enables rapid “refueling” of electric vehicle in under 3 minutes – providing uninterrupted e-mobility. With Power Swap, the remaining obstacles with electric vehicles are eliminated, leveraging the market potential beyond early adopters and facilitating the sales growth while enabling a faster transition to a climate neutral transport infrastructure.

Power Swap offers a unique business opportunity for fuel retailers and
energy companies. Capitalizing on the entry of our battery swap solution, selling electricity
and swap functionality instead of fossil fuels, leads to the emergence of a new sustainable
business model – similar to the one offered currently. In addition to this, by taking advantage
of the underlying potential of renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind power, and
incorporating this into the business model, the solution will provide similar, or even higher,
margins than for fossil fuel sales.

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