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Power Swap solar station concept

Powerswap + Solar energy = Disruptive

The demand for electric energy is increasing all around the world and the challenges to provide the grids with enough power is becoming increasingly difficult. Even in developed first world countries, such as Sweden, the electric grids are reaching their limits. It is simply not possible to install enough charging poles which are required to build an infrastructure for EVs, even when charging at relatively low kW rates (1-4 h charging time)! This is at a time when EVs only represent under 1 % [1] of the total number of cars. One can imagine the difficulties when this number increases.

In order to meet the needs for electric power for the EV revolution, a new green solution is needed which is not based on an infrastructure with thousands of high-power charging poles. By building an infrastructure based on Power Swap’s battery swap system the stress on the grid will be minimized allowing the swapped batteries to be charged at slower, more harmonious, rates. In addition, the Power Swap stations can use solar panels to charge the batteries with green solar energy!

One of the difficulties with EV charging using solar energy is the fact that the power generated by the solar panels is not constant over time. This means that the energy, most of the time, will have to be stored before transferred to the EVs. With Power Swap, the solar energy can be stored directly into the battery bank enabling a smooth transfer to the EV batteries.

For gas station owners this means a new source of income. The stations can be equipped with solar panels and sell solar energy to its EV customers. Studies suggest that this can be even more profitable than selling traditional fossil fuels such as gasoline or diesel.

This is a game changer!

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