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Powerswap enters collaboration with RISE

Powerswap enters collaboration with RISE to research the possibilities of battery swapping in the agriculture industry

The agriculture industry is one of the largest industries in the world and employs millions of people worldwide. Agriculture is a vital and necessary part of our society. However, there are several problems associated with today’s agriculture. To meet the needs of our growing population, the agriculture industry needs to increase production and at the same time reduce environmental impact to reach the set climate goals. Part of this problem is related to agricultural machinery, which is largely powered by diesel and fossil fuels.

Electricity is a promising solution, but for agricultural machines, the big issue is the method of providing electricity. Another important factor is that the use of agricultural machines is often seasonal. During peak season, the machines must be used in long shifts to ensure productivity without any available time for charging. Further, since many agricultural machines are very big, they would require large batteries which are expensive and heavy.

Powerswap has entered a collaboration with RISE Agriculture & Food to research the possibilities of integrating battery swapping in agricultural machines, in order to create a sustainable and electric solution. The goal is to make it possible to introduce agricultural electric machines, since high costs and long charging times restrict this industry from adopting greener solutions today.

Powerswap’s battery swap system creates a sustainable solution for agriculture machines as discharged batteries can be replaced with fully charged ones in 3 minutes. This enables the machines to carry smaller batteries which reduces cost and weight, without having to set aside time for charging. Further, as the industry is highly dependent on the season, batteries can be rented during high peak seasons which reduces operating costs.

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