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Power Swap hires new Project Coordinator

Powerswap AB expands its team and has hired Carl-Johan Mangelus as a new Project Coordinator.

Carl-Johan has an extensive background in project development and coordination with experiences in real estate, military, and boat industry. Carl-Johan will provide the company with a strong profile and competence and will be working on multiple ongoing projects as well as upcoming new projects.

“It is very exciting to work with Power Swap and battery swap technology at a time when the development in EV infrastructure is moving extremely fast. I am determined to be a part of changing the industry making EV´s a practical and affordable alternative to combustion (fossil) driven cars. In my opinion, EV sales are not growing fast enough. Only 2 % of the cars sold in Sweden during 2018 were fully electric! By reducing the car manufacturers cost and risk taking out the battery from the price of the electric car it will probably be even cheaper to buy than a similar car with a petrol/diesel engine. The EV owner then has the freedom to lease the battery and thus making sure the owner always gets a fresh and fully charged battery when swapping. Power Swap´s goal is to have battery swapping stations at, or close to, most petrol stations along bigger roads and routes – giving the EV driver the same freedom in travel range as with a fossil powered car at a lower cost and without hazardous emissions. Power Swap is the future of e-mobility!”

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