The Powerswap system

True automation

“Automation is the means for a new refuelling solution for electric vehicles.”

The Powerswap system executes the battery swap procedure in complete automation. The whole procedure is completed within 3 minutes.

The Process

Carrying a 200 kg battery is a huge challenge for us humans, but for a robot it is just a normal job. Our battery swap unit will find the location of  the battery compartment through an optical search system, swap the empty battery and send it to the battery storage located next to the Powerswap unit for charging. Here the battery can be charged under harmonious conditions minimizing stress on the battery and the grid. Payment is handled via a smart phone app or a RFID system enabling fast and easy payment.


Powerswap unit

The Power Swap unit will be installed in a similar way as an ordinary petrol pump, directly on the ground – efficient and at low cost. The unit funcitons as a distribution system for battery and is equipped with a multitude of sensors, motors and computer systems. The batteries are exchanged from the side of the vehicle above ground level.


A concept video of  the Powerswap system. The battery swap unit automatically locates and replaces the battery in under 3 minutes. The old battery is sent to a storage unit and can we recharged at a harmonious rate.

The storage

The size of the storage depends on how many cars are to be swapped and also what level of amps the grid can deliver at the location. With a high end supply of kWh, the number of batteries will be less than if there is a limited power from the grid. A typcial number of batteries is 20-25. The storage is also suitable for integration with solar or wind energy making the Powerswap system 100% Eco friendly.

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