Project Background

The sales and introduction of electric vehicles (EVs) evolves very slowly. In Sweden 2017 only 0,4 % of the new vehicles were represented by EV’s. Why? 
The reason is that the EV can’t be used in the same way as a fossil car due to long charging times and limited access to charging spots.

The Concept

Powerswap will let you “refuel” your electric vehicle in 3 minutes by swapping your empty battery with a full one.  Some benefits:

  • The battery is swapped faster than filling up a petrol car
  • The car is not blocked from usage during the charging
  • Refuelling is made in automatic Drive-thru fashion
  • EV’s can be sold without the battery (lease) and will become less expensive to buy than a petrol car
  • Less stress on the grid and the batteries as more time can be used for charging
  • An infrastructure can be established faster and at a 1/10 cost compared to a huge number of public charging poles

Battery Charging Require Time


Battery charging require time. Even quick charging often requires as much as 2 hours. One might expect that the future developments will bring the charging time to zero, but this will never happen due to the laws of nature. As an example, the current needed to charge three Tesla batteries in the same time as filling up a petrol car (3 min) is 7300 Amps! Compare this to the 16 amps which are the common current delivered to residents. In a future large scale scenario one can see that the challenges are extreme.

The Game Changer

By eliminating the remaining problems with long charging times, Powerswap will boost the large scale market expansion of electric vehicles. The project is a major undertaking, but we have found a way to start small and grow. The solution is based on installing swap units at existing fuel stations or parking lots, not to build new swap stations which have been tested by other players before.

Powerswap Renault Zeo Prototype Batteries