Road to Market

Road to Market

“PowerSwap entails a technological revolution with great impact on a gigantic market…”

The driving forces are the profits car manufacturers and battery manufacturers can make. For the automotive industry means the leading edge and increased sales plans for electric cars. An incremental sales, of for example 100 000 cars, means for a car manufacturer an increased sales in the order of 3 billion EUR.

Likewise, for a battery maker 100 000 batteries will create sales of more than 1,0 billion EUR.

Stage one includes the development of a demonstration system that will be used towards the OEM´s and battery manufacturers, but also to introduce the concept to the consumer.

The introduction of the first car models can be done locally so that an infrastructure can be built up. For example, beginning in Sweden 5-10 PowerSwaps in each cities (Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö) plus another 10 stations between cities. The start can therefore be made with as little as 25 stations.

In another market, South Korea, a starting infrastructure can be established with as little as 100-200 PowerSwap systems. There are currently 20 million cars in South Korea.

The incentive for power companies to invest and build networks, is the sales of energy in the same way the oil industry created fortunes during 100 years. The new players can take advantage of earlier investments in fuel stations, which are there and need a new source of fuel, electricity.