Our Background

Powerswap Background

The birth of Powerswap

Powerswap is a young innovative company with origin as a spin-off from Fuelmatics, a pioneer with completely automatic refueling for liquid fuels.

Fuelmatics offers the most refined refueling concept on the globe including faster, cleaner and nicer refueling process which includes a sealed fuel transfer system which enables the most efficient vapor recovery on the market. The driver enters the automatic lane in a similar way you do when you go for an automatic car wash and the smartphone app will start up automatically.  Fuelmatics is now introduced in many countries all over the world. Visit www.fuelmatics.com .

EV's are the future

As the world is going towards a fossil free market it was a natural step for the development team to think about the next step, that is a system for efficient charging of EV´s. With our experiences and know how from automation and refuelling it was obvious to look at automatic swap of batteries, as the final solution for the problems with long charging times of the batteries. Regardless if it is slow, fast or super fast charging, time is always needed to get the kWh:s into the battery. As the batteries mostly are fixed installed in the cars, it means the cars are unusable during charging.

PowerSwap was established with the aim to revolutionize the refueling of EVs with automation that can swap a battery in less than two minutes, faster than an ordinary refueling of a petrol car.