Powerswap is a young innovative company with origin as a spin-off from Fuelmatics, a pioneer with completely automatic refueling for liquid fuels. PowerSwap was established with the aim to revolutionize the refueling of EVs with automation that can swap a battery in less than 3 minutes, faster than refueling an ordinary car.


Powerswap has developed a fully automatic battery swap system for electric vehicles. With the Powerswap system you can “refuel” your electric vehicle in 3 minutes. The whole procedure is done in Drive-Thru style and the driver can remain inside the vehicle while the empty battery is being replaced.

Furthermore, the battery swapping machines, unlike our competitors, are small and can be placed on existing refueling stations or parking lots at a very low cost.

Our Team

Sten Corfitsen

Founder & Ceo

Carl-Johan Mangelus

Vice Precident

Alex Larsson

System Design Manager

Susanne Engström


Filip Erhardt

Sales & Marketing

Jan Strömqvist

Machanical Engineering Manager

Therese Agerbjer

Logistics Manager

John Reyhani

US Representative

Bengt Florin

Software Manager

Bengt Wallin

Mechanical Engineer

Ragnar Elmquist

Software Specialist

Christian Corfitsen

Business Development

Carl Eppens

Marketing Support

Hans Lundgren

Business Advisor

Christer Gåhltorp

Business Advisor

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