Revolutionary battery swap technology

“Very few will buy an electric car which requires time for charging if they can buy one that does not.”


No more cords, no more hassle. The battery is swapped in Drive-Thru style and the driver can remain inside the vehicle while the empty battery is being replaced.

No more waiting for charging batteries. The battery is replaced in under 3 minutes, faster than fueling an ordinary petrol car. The car is no longer blocked from usage during charging.

An infrastructure can be built at a fraction of the cost compared to installing a huge number of charging poles. The system can easily be installed at existing gas stations or in parking lots.

Electric cars can be sold without the batteries and obtained through leasing resulting in drastically reduced prices for electric cars, becoming even cheaper than petrol/diesel cars!

Our Mission


In search for a long-term, sustainable energy solution for passenger and goods transport, the electric car is the modern alternative. The cars can be built with high efficiency, but the time for charging is holding back the development.

Powerswaps mission is to revolutionize the way we use electric vehicles by eliminating the problems with long charging times.


The Powerswap System

A prototype video displaying a modified Renault Zoe with the Powerswap system. The battery swap unit automatically locates and replaces the battery. The old battery is sent to a storage unit and can we recharged at a harmonious rate.

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