We have a mission

PowerSwaps patented technology swaps the battery of an electric vehicle in 3 minutes. There are countless benefits with PowerSwap. By eliminating the charging time of an electric vehicle it becomes as flexible as the obsolete combustion engine vehicle. Read more in the drop down menus.

We have a mission
Our Background

Powerswap Background The birth of Powerswap Powerswap is a young innovative company with origin as a spin-off from Fuelmatics, a pioneer with completely automatic refueling for liquid fuels. Fuelmatics offers the most refined refueling concept on the globe including faster,

The Concept

The Concept In search for a long-term, sustainable energy solution for passenger and goods transport, the electric car is the modern alternative made for the future. The cars can be built with high efficiency, but the time for charging is

The Game Changer

The Game Changer For homeowners it is relatively simple to install a charger and to start charging your car during night time at a good price per kWh. Further if you have the possibility to charge at work it solves

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